Frequently asked questions

Do you have any noise restrictions?

Yes. We’re located in a residential area so noise levels need to be moderate and will be strictly monitored by our steward. Sound levels must be kept under 85 dBA before 11.00pm and turned down even further after 11.00pm to under 75dBA.

Do you have a PA system?

Yes, you're very welcome to use our PA system for no extra charge. At our Islington Upper Street venue we have a mixing desk and two loudspeakers in the large hall.  At our Newington Green Meeting House venue we have two loudspeakers in the main hall.

Can I bring in a DJ?

Yes, you may. Please let your DJ know about our noise restrictions in advance. We'll ask for a deposit of £200 from your DJ to ensure that the required noise levels are observed. This deposit is refundable if noise levels are fully observed.

Can I bring in and serve alcohol?

Yes, you’re welcome to. Please note that you may not charge for the alcohol you’re serving unless you apply for a TEN at the council. We require you to hire both a steward and a security guard if you choose to offer alcohol at your event.

Do I need to hire a steward for my event?

We require you to hire our steward if you play amplified music at your event or if it's deemed otherwise necessary by the rental officer. We require you to hire both a steward and a security guard if you choose to offer alcohol at your event.

How late is your venue open?

Our venue is open until 1.00am.

Do you provide catering and decoration services?

Sorry, we don’t. You’re welcome to hire an outside company.

Do you have chairs and tables?

Our chairs and plastic folding tables in the large hall of our Islington Upper Street venue seat 80 people and you’re welcome to use them for no extra charge. It’s your responsibility to set up and put away the chairs and tables before and after your event.

Can we rent extra chairs and tables or other fittings from outside companies?

Yes. Please let us know in advance.

Can we use the kitchen?

We have a small kitchen with a stove, microwave, kettle, fridge, a sink, and two counter tops at our Islington Upper Street venue.  There's a kitchenette with a microwave, kettle, fridge, sink and a two burner hob at our Newington Green Meeting House venue.  Please note that we charge an extra hourly fee for the use of the kitchen facilities.

Do you have plates, glasses and cutlery that we can use?

Sorry, we don’t offer these.

Can we decorate the space?

You’re welcome to decorate the space (your decoration time will be included in your rental time). We request that you use masking tape.

What is the parking situation?

We don't have a car park, there's only regular street parking around.

Is there any outside space?

No, unfortunately there isn't.

Do I need to clean up after the event?

Yes. Please make sure you put away all chairs and tables. Please tidy up and collect all the rubbish and recycling at the end of your event.

Do I need to pay for my time spent with decoration, set-up and clean-up?

Yes, these times must be included in your rental time.

Do you have a screen and a projector?

Yes, we do offer a projector and screen for hire (£25/hr).

What are the deposit requirements?

We ask for a £300 refundable damage deposit.

Does New Unity have a fire safety management and fire emergency plan?

We take safety at New Unity very seriously and work with experts to ensure that our spaces are at good health and safety standards. Renters however need to familiarise themselves with our policy documents as outlined in the rental agreement that all renters receive and sign when they book spaces. To download the full policy document please download here. For any questions about our fire and health and safety policies please contact